Seeds.Tools #02: The vCard Page

Die einfachste Art, Kontaktdaten zu tauschen ist der mobile vCard Download.

There are relics in our rapidly digitalising world that successfully hold on to analogue. These include sick notes, cash register receipts – and business cards. Perhaps because it is a nice gesture to actually hand something over. Maybe also because “How do you spell your last name exactly? I can’t find you on LinkedIn.” simply interrupt good conversations. 

And after the event, the tedious typing begins – if the first cardboard cards haven’t already slipped out of the pocket unintentionally. 


So adding a small QR code to the business card and offering a vCard download is simple, logical and no rocket science. And that’s why it is our very first Seeds.Tool: handy, beautifully made and simply practical. 

AND it helps to go completely digital with business cards, too. The system also works without paper cards. For example, at web meetings, a background image can be used in which the QR code is incorporated. Or in the email signature. Or…


The advantages of digital business cards

  • No typing: Contact can be saved with one click
  • More space than on a business card: Include info, links and call-to-action buttons
  • QR code can also be used independently of paper business cards, e.g. in a meeting background

The advantages of our offer

  • The pages can be changed or the URLs redirected at any time
  • We create the pages for you as a full service
  • We adapt the page elements to your corporate identity and the needs of your company.


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